Ionian Village in Need of Medical Staff

Attention Medical Staff!

Volunteer your talent at the Ionian Village this summer in Greece!

Ionian Village, the Archdiocesan summer youth camp in Greece,

is accepting volunteers to serve on their medical team this summer for 2 1/2 weeks.

  • All expenses paid for you and your spouse.

  • Tour throughout Greece under the “wings” of the church.

  • Opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse and children

  • Enrich existing and build new friendships, that will last a lifetime!

Truly, a wonderful way to serve our church and give of our time and talent!

If interested in more information, please contact Dr. Gregory Papadeas (303) 493-1910,

my3kouklas or I.V. camp office at (212) 570-3538.

Several Members of the HMS have attended Ionian Village and can attest to the wonderful experience for the youth and the uplifting experience for the staff.  For more information or questions, contact Dr Papadeas as listed above or your local HMS at or 856.671.1169