Scholarship Recipients


Natalie Saffos – Drexel University School of Nursing


Nicholas Kitsopoulos – UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine

Jonathan McNeill – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine


Catherine Sarris- New Jersey Medical School

My name is Christina Sarris and I am a second-year medical student at New Jersey Medical School. I have the honor of being a recipient of the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia’s Medical Student Scholarship this year. I am the oldest of four children, and my strong relationships within my family and my Hellenic community have brought me to the point in my education that I am today. Despite only a short while in medical school, I feel I have become deeply invested in my medical school and the community of Newark as I have begun to see patients, hear their stories, and understand how I can make a difference. I feel blessed to be starting my career in an environment where I will be constantly challenged and inspired by the doctors and patients I encounter, and I want nothing more than to become an integral part of this community and my own Hellenic community as I grow into a competent physician.

While I am not entirely sure what specialty I hope to pursue in the future, I definitely know what kind of physician I want to become. From my father, a physician, I learned that his most memorable cases were not those with the most advanced techniques or procedures, but those where he impacted the life of his fellow man for the better. With the help of a scholarship from the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia, I will be able to continue my journey in medicine to become a compassionate physician, hoping to make a difference in my own community and beyond. The support of the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia will always be remembered and appreciated as I begin my career with a strong sense of pride and respect for the members of my Greek heritage.

Harisios Tjionas- UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine

Hello my name is Harisios Tjionas and I was one of the fortunate applicants this year to be selected to receive the Hellenic medical society scholarship award.  Upon hearing the news I was very excited to have this opportunity.  I am both a very proud Greek-American and aspiring physician and I feel that the HMS is doing a fantastic job providing the framework for which other professionals in similar situations can meet with one another and network.  Everyone is the society brings different talents to the table and has been more than helpful in providing guidance and support for one another.  I plan on continuing this tradition and paying forward the gifts that were given to me.  I would like to once again thank the entire committee for everything they have done.


Nicholas Julius- Temple University School of Medicine

Kimon Ioannidis- University of Pennsylvania Medical School